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Every Sunday morning, all over the world, workers go to church. As they enter the sanctuary, they carry with them a long week of tasks and projects, deadlines and stresses, victories and defeats. They need to have a conversation with God about a long and complex week of work.

And here is where worship comes up short. While workers enter the sanctuary desperately needing to speak with God about their work, the songs and prayers, blessings and sermons, rarely mention the one thing they’ve spent their whole week doing.

In 2022 a group of songwriters, pastors, and professionals gathered in Nashville, Tennessee to write a series of worship songs for workers. Over three days they discussed the spiritual, emotional, and material struggles facing workers around the world today. Soon enough, they began to compose a series of songs specifically designed to help Christians carry their daily work before the Lord.

Each song speaks to the heart of a different worker:

  • Joyful workers can offer trumpets of praise for God’s presence at work
  • Frustrated workers can shed tears before a God who cares
  • Guilty workers can find forgiveness
  • Fruitful workers can present their work to God’s glory, instead of their own
  • Desperate workers can petition for workplace intervention

“Finally, while these songs help workers talk to God, pay attention, God has a way of talking back. These songs gently remind worker that, whatever they are experiencing, their labors are surrounded by the much larger work of God. For it is through the mighty work of God that our daily work–finite and fallen though it is–can be transformed into an act of worship.

We’ll be adding more resources to this site with each song release throughout 2023.


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