Worship for Workers is grateful for our many collaborators and partners. Our blog posts will occasionally feature our partner’s work to highlight their resources and contributions. We value the intersectionality of our work with many others who think deeply about vocationally-conversant worship, and liturgically-formed daily living.  This post features an interview with the Theology of Work project – a non-profit organization dedicated to researching, writing, and distributing materials with a biblical perspective on non-church workplaces. 

theology of work

What is the Theology of Work Project?

The Theology of Work Project is an international initiative dedicated to exploring and promoting the biblical perspective on work. Through its extensive collection of resources, including biblical commentary, devotionals, curriculum, and teaching tools, the project seeks to bridge the gap between faith and work. All the resources described in this article are freely available online and ready to be used by pastors and congregations.

How is this a valuable resource for pastors?

In today’s rapidly changing world, the intersection of faith and work has become an increasingly important topic for pastors to address. Congregants seek guidance and inspiration on how to navigate their professional lives while remaining rooted in their faith. To help you rise to the challenge, the Theology of Work Project has created a comprehensive resource for pastors and the people they serve to connect the Bible and work.

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We love free resources!  Tell us what you have available.

  • Biblical Commentary: One of the primary resources offered by the Theology of Work Project is a comprehensive biblical commentary on work. This commentary explores over 800 passages of scripture that touch on work, vocation, and their broader implications for individuals and society. The commentary serves as an invaluable tool for crafting sermons, leading Bible studies, and facilitating meaningful discussions on work-related topics.
  • Bible Studies: Addressing the top request from pastors year-over-year, the Theology of Work Project created resources that help congregants engage with the Bible together and apply its teachings to the workplace. Pre-made Bible studies alleviate the pressure on individual small-group leaders who are already pressed for time. The Theology of Work Project’s 1-Hour Bible Studies on Workplace Topics offers guides for small-group leaders, including scripture, commentary, and thought-provoking questions in a printable and easy-to-follow format. Additionally, the project offers Video Bible Studies through the PRS.work series, which provides online videos leading groups through scripture passages and their implications for the workplace. These videos require no preparation, allowing groups to gather either in person or online, share their screen, and engage in a complete Bible study experience.
  • Preaching Resources: Recognizing the pulpit as a powerful platform for preparing congregations for impact in their work, the Theology of Work Project offers a compilation of Sample Sermons Introducing Faith and Work. Pastors can draw inspiration from these sermons and utilize service resources related to work, such as prayers, hymns, and liturgies, to enhance worship experiences.

Do you have stories or examples of ways your content has been used?

The Theology of Work Project has curated a collection of examples from churches worldwide to assist pastors seeking to help people integrate faith and work. This collection encompasses various initiatives ranging from peer support to worship ideas to creative video presentations.

We heard you got a grant!

The Theology of Work Project has received a grant of $1,250,000.00 from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help establish the Cuentistas Program.

The Cuentistas Program will equip Hispanic pastors across the United States to preach their own stories through the lens of the gospel. Given that many Hispanic pastors in the U.S. are co-vocational, these stories are often stories of work. Through online and in-person trainings on both sermon preparation and the theology of work, pastors will learn to adapt their stories (work stories) and weave them to their beliefs (faith stories), developing authentic, biblically grounded sermons about God at work in, through, and for the community. Each participant’s best sermon will be recorded and available for free worldwide at Theology of Work Project’s Spanish language site, www.teologiadeltrabajo.org. The site will also host the “Cuentistas biblioteca (library)”, providing a compilation of robust theological resources for sermon sagas, sermon illustrations, and sermon delivery. The program will train 220 pastors in 11 cohorts across the nation. 

Anything else we should know?

The Theology of Work Project is an indispensable resource for pastors seeking to expand their ministry into the workplace. By incorporating these resources into preaching, teaching, and pastoral care, pastors can empower congregants to live out their faith in the workplace, finding purpose and fulfillment in their daily vocations. Work is not separate from our spiritual lives but an integral part of how we serve and glorify God in the world. To learn more about the resources provided by the Theology of Work Project, visit theologyofwork.org.