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Welcome to the Worship for Workers blog! We look forward to hearing from partners and collaborators in this space as well as sharing updates. To give you a glimpse of what we’ve been up to lately, here’s our fall newsletter.

Album Growth

The “Worship for Workers” album was released this spring and it has already been streamed 2.3 million times across several online platforms. If you will remember, our original goal was one million online streams in the first year. That mark was smashed in the first few months. We’re thrilled this gift to the church is being received by so many.  

As each song was released to the public, we published new prayers and liturgies specially designed to accompany each song in congregational worship.  To celebrate the release of the album the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship generously sponsored a concert with the Porter’s Gate musicians in the Calvin University chapel. A full recording of the concert is available at our YouTube channel.

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Website Growth

We have launched a new version of our website! In just 8 months, we outgrew our first version with a flood of content. The new site is easier to search, includes submission forms, and much more.  

In just 8 months we have…..

  • Uploaded hundreds of prayers and other liturgical resources for worship. These include blessings for workers, litanies for children, congregational prayers, and much more. 
  • Added 13 new, original songs written specifically for our project. 
  • Welcomed 42,000 unique visitors to our website from 99 different countries
  • Been blessed by writers from around the world, from many different backgrounds and traditions who share their unique voice on how work and worship looks in their context.

Public Speaking and Training

Both Matthew Kaemingk and Katie Roelofs have been invited to speak and teach in a wide variety of venues.
Here are a few:

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Dordt University
More than 1,000 faculty, staff, and students at Dordt University listened to Matthew speak on the deep connections between labor and liturgy this Labor Day. You can watch his address here.

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Calvin University

Matthew and Katie were invited to teach a week-long seminar on work and worship with a group of 28 pastors and worship leaders from around the country. Participants wrote songs, prayers, and blessings for workers in their communities and they were then offered small grants to implement changes in their congregations to bless workers through worship. Our deepest thanks to the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship, Porter’s Gate, and Cory Willson for their partnership and support leading this workshop.

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Laity Lodge

We hosted a group of 30 marketplace ministry leaders from around the country at Laity Lodge in Texas. These leaders discussed the deep connections between work and worship and gathered to write new prayers and blessings for workers in their contexts.

Creative Communities

Matthew and Katie have been invited to speak and consult for four different songwriting communities and collectives in a variety of different denominations and contexts. We’ve been honored to work with United Adoration, The Songwriter Initiative, Porters Gate, and Resound Worship in the UK.

Artistic Development

Artist, Brittany Fan, created beautiful artwork for the album. It is now free for download on our website. Please use them in social media, fine prints for office space, or as graphics for your materials. 

8 OpenHands DownloadFile
11 WorkerBlessing Download
5 YouCareForMe DownloadFile
update 7

Artist Bryn Gillette did a live painting during Matthew Kaemingk’s lecture at the Charlotte Institute for Faith and Work this past year. His inspiration was St. Isidore who prayed as he plowed. Here you find him offering his workplace trumpet, ashes, tears, petitions, and fruits at the altar of the Lord. It will be available for download and purchase soon. 

Future Hopes

Friends, we’ve found ourselves with the humbling challenge of holding a project that has expanded in its reach, far beyond what we dreamed or anticipated. This speaks to a need that is being met, and a season in the Church where the fields are ripe for planting these seeds. As we continue to be good listeners, several key themes have emerged. Each of these present possibilities for deeper engagement in the future.

  • The global voice: We need a fuller picture of what this conversation looks like in our diverse communities around the world. Our theology and our practice will only be made richer and more complete through the inclusion of the global perspective.
  • The intergenerational voice: How might we begin exploring a robust integration of “work and worship” in our children and youth? How might we engage those who have retired and now experience a significant change in vocational calling?
  • The pastoral voice: At the heart of this initiative is a desire that God’s people know how deeply they are loved by the God who created them as working image-bearers who reflect his glory in their daily living. We can provide tools and resources for vocationally-conversant worship, but our hope and prayer is always for the spiritually flourishing of all God’s people. 

We reflect often with gratitude for the foundation upon which we are growing this initiative. We are able to reach and expand because of the generous support – both financial and collaborative. From all of us at the Mouw Institute at Fuller Seminary, thank you for the many ways you have, and continue to partner with us in this work.

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Matthew Kaemingk, Project Lead
Katie Roelofs, Project Director
Marie Blair, Project Administrator