Written by Susan Goforth from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Idea: Teach children and model for adults the idea of bringing our work to Christ.
Description: Each week children can bring a creative work of their hands and lay it before the altar. This would be something the children make during the week as part of their school work or play time. It could be a picture or a Lego creation or a Play-Doh sculpture or a poem or a story or anything else that they made. If your church has a children’s time during the service, you could do this as part of that time.

You can display these creations somewhere in the church, or in classrooms, at a homeless shelter, nursing home, or other facilities that might enjoy them.

Liturgy for Children Offering Their Work

God, in the beginning, You created.
And we are made to be like You
You are generous to give us all that You created.
And we are made to be like You
Jesus, You welcome the work of our hands
And we made it for You!

Invite the children to come and place their creations at the altar.

Creator God,
Bless these gifts and all the work that we, your children do. We offer it up to you and say thank you. We ask that you bless it and bless our hands that we might continue to do what you have called us to do. Amen.