Written by Grace Assad from poems of grace

every tree starts as seed

and beneath the soil grows

a hidden work, not any eye can see

yet roots reach down, deep in the ground

and grasp from waters deep

the hum of life without making a sound

who would notice quiet, deep, dark work…

in the mundane, ordinary things?

folding clothes

crafting sentences

drawing up meds

giving baths

and waking up to do it all again

the glory of a seed

lies in its quiet growing

according to its Maker’s call

may we revel in the doing

far beyond another’s noticing

and honor our Maker most of all

who am I to know?

maybe this life’s work was all underground

and eternity begins when shoots ascend

our flourishing only then to be found


Father, strengthen the work of our hands. When the light seems dim around us, help us trust the work You’re doing in and through us.

Give us endurance when the work is arduous.
Give us patience when the work is monotonous.
Give us grace when the work is challenging.
Give us peace when the work is heavy.
Give us healing when the work is damaging.

Satisfy us in the morning with Your unfailing love. Give us rest in the evening from work well done. Remind us that we are not defined by the work we do, but by our trust in You. Strengthen the work of our hands. Amen!