Written by Katie Roelofs

God has promised to be with us no matter where we go. God loves us and God wants the absolute best for us. That is why God gave us the Bible and gave us the 10 commandments! They are not rules that are supposed to make us feel bad about ourselves all the time, they are given to us from God because he loves us so much, he wants us to do what is right. Responsively, we remember the 10 commandments for our school year.  

#1- God is God
even at school!
#2- God is more important than anything
even grades or friends
#3- Always say God’s name respectfully
#4- Don’t get too busy for church
#5- Speak to those in authority with respect.
parents, teachers, bus drivers and principals
#6- Don’t hurt anyone
watch where you sling your backpack and look out for the younger kids
#7- Be a loyal friend
respecting your body and other people’s bodies too.
#8- Do not steal
not taking people’s stuff, copying their homework or looking at their answers on a test.
#9- Don’t tell lies about other people
either to get them in trouble or make yourself look good
#10- Don’t get jealous of what others have or what they can do
We want to love our neighbors as ourselves.