Written by Ryan Struyk

Author of Good News,

You know tight deadlines and overnight shifts. You understand control room chaos and the empty Word document. You know front-page exclusives and painful corrections.

Hear my prayer in my work as a journalist:

God of Creation, your world is full of beauty. We marvel at breathtaking wonders from waterfalls to worms. Loving relationships and communities show us how you created us to live. Your gift of language has the power to teach and encourage us. Beautiful images and stirring videos inspire us to celebrate your creativity and goodness.

God of Sorrows, so much news in our world brings us grief and lament. Our front pages are filled with despair—refugees of war, victims of crime and millions in poverty. Even our own work is plagued by brokenness. Our stories fail to capture the complicated nuances of reality, our investigations reach dead ends and our biases lead us to jump to conclusions.

God of Compassion, every human being is made in your image. You reveal yourself in people who can’t put food on the table and prisoners who fill our jails. Never let us grow callous toward the suffering of your children. Open our eyes to see your face in the hurricane survivor and the mass shooting victim so that their pain might compel us to create a just and safe society.

God of Truth, you breathed life into Scripture and speak today through the Holy Spirit. Give us courage to speak truth to power and relentlessly pursue answers so that we might hold abusive governments and criminals accountable for their injustices. Embolden us when the truth is a lonely place so that our work might shed light into the darkest corners of human depravity.

God of Justice, you scatter the powerful from their thrones and embrace people who are wronged. Animate in us a desire to expose corruption on city councils and reveal wrongdoing toward factory workers. As you gave voice to the prophets centuries ago, give us a voice now to condemn abuses of power so that the structures of our world model fairness and integrity.

God of the Outcast, you leave the ninety-nine sheep to find the one. Guide us to seek out the stories of marginalized people, the voices of groups who have been pushed to the sidelines—women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people who are barely making ends meet, so that we might truly listen to the longings of the hearts of all your children.

God of Hope, show us how your redemptive work is making the world new. Draw our attention to stories of generosity and grace. Open the ears of my audience so that we may speak the language of their hearts, even when the story we tell is one they prefer not to hear. Use our work to bring healing, not division, and to shape your world into one that looks more like your kingdom of peace and love.