Written by Ralston Hartness from Nashville, Tennessee

O Triune God,
You are the creator and the teacher,
The source and sustainer of all knowledge and life – Oh, how much there is to know…

As my mind discovers more,
The crust of what is known peels back to reveal Endless stores of possible questions,
Productive inquiries,
Nourishing images,
And sacred realities.
Even in the limited field of ___________ (academic field), I am overwhelmed by boundless glances into Truth.

Teach me, now, Good Shepherd,
How to shepherd your precious children
In our shared discovery of your endless beauty. When my mind fears failure,
Holy Spirit, sustain my hope.
When my activities are rushed,
Holy Spirit, slow my pace.
When my motive is efficiency, accomplishment, or completion, Holy Spirit, draw to mind the countless times
You work – slowly, graciously, and kindly,
Always revealing your Truth, even as I see only in part.

Triune God, teach me to rest,
Even as I am not finished –
There is so much to know and always more,
And you are so much to love and always more. May my objectives, questions, worksheets, and assessments Stir in these dear ones a deep desire to be embraced By the one whose limitless love overflows the limited Cup of this classroom.