Written by Kevin Adams

On the occasion of a new job, promotion, raise, or completed project.

Lord of all creation,
In the beginning, you sang your creation into being.
Again, and again you voiced your delight: It is good. It is good. It is good!
All creatures flourished in your care and blessing.

When our turn came, you molded us as a copy.
Replicas shaped in your image.
You called us “very good!”
You shared your mission.
You entrusted your care:

fish of your sea, birds in your sky, your tamed and wild things.
And then you summoned us to be fruitful.

On _____________ (this occasion), we seek again your creation blessing.
Bless this work. So it hallows your name.
So it reflects your purpose. And honors your mission.
Make this work fruitful. Prosper it. And all creation because of it.
We present this work to you. And long to hear you declare, “It is very good.”

For your kingdom’s sake, Amen.