Written by Michael Farley

Our humble Servant-King,
we thank you that you have come to us in our need and misery
to serve us and rescue us,
for we cannot save ourselves and have no other hope but you.

We thank you that you did not consider equality with God
something to be grasped for your glory alone,
but you humbled yourself to take the form of a servant
to model true humanity by doing humble work for others
and to be obedient to the point of death,
even death on a cross, and all for our sake.

Please fill us with that same humble, steadfast love
that always pursues, always serves, always gives, and never gives up.

We give you thanks for all who serve you faithfully and humbly
in work that is too rarely seen or applauded or thanked.

Thank you for all who clean and cook,
   for all who install, fix, and repair,
   for all who set up and tear down,
   for all who work the budgets and catalog the receipts,
   for all who care for children and the sick,
   for all who visit the lonely and the prisoners,
   for all who work with their hands,
   for all who practice slowly and haltingly new skills being learned,
   for all who open their homes and their lives to neighbors and family in need.

Lord, please help all who serve in humble ways and humble places
to know that their labor is not in vain
for you see and you are at work with them and in them

Lord, please help our church be a school of humility in Christ-likeness
where we learn with each other to be humble servants to the world.
Make us a place of hospitality and welcome,
a family where we learn to share honestly
about our weaknesses, sins, struggles, and fears,
and find your grace and forgiveness and strength in abundance through one another.

We pray for friendships that teach us humility
in seeking to serve as well as to be served;
   for husbands and wives to love humbly with sacrificial love,
   for children to honor their parents and teachers with humble respect.

Please protect us and keep us from the sin of pride
in our wealth or our achievements,
which blind us to our need for your love and wisdom and power.

Father, we confess and lament that such humble service
is not the natural leaning of our sinful hearts.
We often ignore, resist, and flee your call
to consistent words and deeds of humble love.
So renew and lead us by your Holy Spirit by uniting us to Christ
   so that Christ lives in us,
   and Christ loves through us,
   and we serve others as we have been served by you.

We ask all this humbly for your great glory and our great joy
in the name and by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
each glorifying the other and inviting us into the glory of that love. Amen.