Written by Rebecca De Vries from Sioux Center, Iowa

Compassionate and nurturing God,
as we bow before you in prayer,
we bring to our minds and hearts our mothers…
and our friends who are mothers..
and our sisters and wives and daughters and neighbors who someone calls “Mom.”

We pray with joy for them, remembering the many ways they have given life.
We pray with gratitude for them because they are a gift from you;
in your wisdom you placed us in families.

And, we pray with concern, knowing that the work of being a mother
is not free of its sorrows or hardships,
anxieties or sacrifices.

So with joy, gratitude, and concern, we name them now silently. May their names rise before you like incense.


Lord, Jesus, you who go before us into the throne room of God, we are confident that these mothers and mother figures are in your mind and heart as well. Take all of their acts of work and worship–the daily offerings of their lives–and make them perfect before God.

Make your presence real for them and for us all. And may they know this confidence, “that [You] who began a good work in [them] will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  Amen.