Written by Laura Kelly Fanucci

You have made us constellations,
O Lord of the skies.
Each star of our lives
Connected to others,
Each distant light
Shining bright on another.

Our work, our love, our lives
Are knit together in darkness
Like a tapestry of stories.
One plants, another tends.
One gathers, another stores.
One cooks, another eats.
One builds, another repairs.

Creator of the heavens and earth,
Open our eyes to each other.
None of us work without another,
None of us live without another.

Help us to stretch and shine,
Let us tell the stories of what holds us together:
Your light and love offered for all,
Shining on all,
Redeeming all.

Keep the constellations of our callings
Ever before our eyes:
Our connections and compassion
A gift from the God who knit us together
And knit all things together,
For good, for us, for all.
In Your name, Amen.