Written by Travis Jamieson from Palo Alto, California


Today, we lift up those in our congregation who are parents or grandparents.

We celebrate the small and big moments that parents get to be a part of in their children’s lives. From their birth and baptism to their high school graduation and wedding. It’s a joy to see a child take their first steps, profess their faith in Christ, and make choices that embody Your wisdom.

However, in addition to sharing in the joys of children, parents, and grandparents also share in
their woes. We lament for our children when they experience pain, all the more so, when the
parent shares responsibility for that pain. We long that all children would feel loved, and we
lament that there are times when they don’t.

We repent of the moments when parents let their unrealistic expectations prevent them from
encouraging their children. We repent of the times when fear controls us and we don’t engage in our children’s pain. Help us, Lord, to see, know, and care for the children in our lives with the
grace of our heavenly father in Heaven.

Give all parents your wisdom, discernment, and grace in raising their children as well as
navigating relationships with adult children. Give humility when we are confronted by our
shortcomings. Give us perseverance when we feel worn out from the task you’ve given us.
In all these things, we acknowledge that your faithfulness extends to all generations. So, may
we be active participants in passing on that faithfulness to the next generation. May we know
that each diaper changed, each word of advice given, each time we embrace our children, we
are faithfully living out the calling you have given us.

Bless us all as we participate in this vocation and many other vocations this coming week. For Jesus’ sake, we pray, Amen.