Written by Ruth Ann Schuringa
from grimsby, ontario

God, when is enough, enough?

When can we rest in knowing we have done enough? Ever?
The endless striving and busyness are never done!
Good Shepherd, teach us how to rest.

God, we need a different way forward.
We long for gentle rest, for sabbath, for your presence of peace.

Abba Father, teach us to slow down.
Forgive us our pride,

our certainty that more is better,
our insistence that we are indispensable,
our striving for that which does not ultimately satisfy.

Good Shepherd, teach us how to rest

God, help us live into the gift of your beautiful, never-ending grace.
God, help us see that in you we are enough, just as we are.

May our work be a beautiful, generous offering of love to you, God.
May it spill over to the people and the world you made.
May we flourish in our work, because we are always

resting in you.

Good Shepherd, teach us how to rest