Written by Sara Kyoungah White from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear God,

As we send out our loved one today,
we are torn between joy and fear.

We delight in the calling You have given,
but we are also afraid of releasing our loved one
into a world that feels too broken and big.

If only we could hold them just a moment longer;
if only we could be assured that no harm will come.

Father, in our grief, You are there. You are not only
the God of mountaintops and sunny days.

You are also the God of the wilderness and the exodus,
God of the raging sea and the storm,
God of the vale of tears and the deep shadows.

So hear our prayers, Lord:

In the wilderness, give our loved one
flowing springs and sweet manna.
On the raging sea, speak the word that brings peace
and give them eyes to see your path across the waves.

In the vale of tears, O Lord,
join our precious one as they weep.
In the moments when fears become reality,
hold them, even as the shadows deepen.

Help us to trust that the safest place
for the one we love is in the center of Your will.

Sent in You, every footfall
is set on a path growing brighter and brighter
unto the fullness of day.

Help us, Lord, to remember this,
even as we grieve, even as we cheer.

We pray in the name of Your Son, whom You sent.