Written by Jared Cook

Lord, we bring before you today the fruit of our labour – the work of our hands. We confess that more often than not, we take pride in our work to a fault, doing what we can to draw attention to ourselves and to our own abilities. We ask that you would re-orient the direction of our praise today, shifting the focus off our own abilities and onto the one who has enabled us to serve. 

Lord, take the works of our hands, both big and small, and use them for your kingdom purposes. May our labour bring you glory, and may it lead others to give you glory as well. Thank you that our labour is never in vain and that you work in and through the tasks that we often view as mundane.

We ask that you continue to teach us how to be a worker in your Kingdom; ever mindful of the rhythms of grace that you kindly invite us into. We pray these things in the name of the One who is worthy of our work, Amen.