Written by Carolyn Miller

Lord, there are times as a mother that I am stretched so thin. In those times, I seem to not have ears to hear anything but my children’s voices. Help me find the silence in my day to quiet my soul before You, hear Your voice, and receive Your life-giving water. 


I cannot do this mothering alone. Show me Your presence beside me, Jesus, as I know with You by my side, I can do all things. Renew my mind and transform my thoughts right now, right here, before I even begin this day. Bring my heart into alignment with Yours so I can see my children and the work of my home from Your perspective. You have given this sacred work to me as a blessing; please, in the areas where I continually fail, redeem my missteps and mistakes with Your creative power. 

Inhabit the work of my heart and my hands so it becomes more than I can imagine. Help me to stand firm on Your word that I’ve hidden in my heart, and let it fill my speech and instruct my attitudes. Lead me gently with Your lovingkindness, and let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be instrumental in building up my little ones. 

I ask You, Father, to tear down every stronghold that sets itself up against Your will for me, and give me the grace I need to grow through this season of life. By the power of Your Spirit working in me, let me lead my little ones with an honest example – a life dependent on You. I humbly place my life, and all it entails, in Your hands, knowing that You love me with an everlasting love, and You are trustworthy in all You do. Let me continue to see Your goodness to us at every turn, and let it fill our family with praise for what You alone are doing in our midst. 

In Jesus’ Name I pray,