Written by Leslie Eiler Thompson of Rogue Creative

Lord, I come before you as I sit down to work on this website.
Where I am stuck, awaken my creativity.
Where I am weary, give me rest.
Where I am behind, grant me efficiency.
Provide the foresight that I might see problems before they arise,
And lead me to see that which is broken or undone.
Remind me, O God, that this creativity you’ve gifted —
That of forming images and text and color and code into a digital medium —
can be reflective of you and your own nature as I curate this space for its purpose.
Even though you did not do this specific work, O God,
You as a carpenter on earth — and as Creator of all things — know what it means to
create something from nothing:
You know well what it means to put into place a plan that is good, true, and beautiful.
You intimately understand the need to set a thing right.
You know how it feels to care for things both great and small.
Strengthen my fingers, my eyes, and my mind now.
Prompt my heart to remember that regardless of this website’s end goal, this skill
you’ve provided me serves a higher purpose.
Grow within me the hard and fast belief that the building of this virtual work will,
ultimately, reflect your kingdom and character in this corner of the internet.