Almighty God,

I confess that I do not understand.

I do not understand the weight I bear

  Is it from sin I harbor?

    Make it clear, that I might be forgiven and sin no more!

  Is it from the sin of my neighbor?

    Make it clear, that I might bear with them in all grace!

  Is it delivering a message from you?

    Make it clear, that I might be a good student and grow in Christ’s likeness.

The burden weighs on my mind, and I long for your freedom.

But I also confess that I do not understand the weight others bear.

  Why must the poor go without?

  Why must the orphan know no family?

  Why must the weak fall prey to the mighty?

  Why must women suffer dehumanization?

  Why must people of color be victims of violence?

I do not understand, and it seems far beyond me!

May you – the Almighty One! – bear this all on your strong shoulders

  Relieve the suffering of the vulnerable

  Just as you have promised!

As someone with so much,

  Forgive me for the ways I have contributed to their load

  And replace my selfish ways with vision

  For the good work of restoration

    while we wait for you to come and make all things new

Come quickly, Lord, to fulfill your New Creation promise.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord

  We pray in hope and expectation.  Amen.