Written by Laura Kelly Fanucci

God who labors,
We ask you to guide us in our work this week.

Be with us in the details, the to-do lists, the chores.
The tasks of our days, the labors we don’t love.
Help us to remember that you are the God
Who sees the sparrow and counts the hairs on our heads.
You are with us in the details of each day,
Miraculous or mundane.

Be with us in each moment, each encounter with another.
The phone calls and conversations,
The emails and texts, the meetings and memos.
Help us to remember that you are the God
Who made us for each other, never to be alone.
You are with us as we work and live together,
In conflict or in harmony.

Be with us in our questions, our wrestling or worry.
Wondering how to pay the bills or find new work,
Searching for answers to our deepest questions:
Does our labor matter? Does our life matter?
Help us to remember your answer is yes:
A deep affirmation to the worth of our lives.

You created and called us,
We respond and we go forth,
Ready to serve you in all that we do.