Written by Edwin Clark from Sherman, Texas

Charge to the Parents

Leader – Parents may the Holy Spirit remind you that as covenant partners,
our faith community is here for you and your children.
As you send them to be molded and shaped in knowledge,
may you remember they are gifts from God.
Know that God’s blessing is with you to help them reach their potential
because they are made in the image of God.
As you prepare clothes, lunches, and backpacks.
People – May you be filled with peace.
Leader – As you challenge and encourage them to grow.
People – May you have perseverance and marvel at God’s new work in the world.

Commissioning of Teachers/Professor

Leader – Educators, may God’s blessing, protection, and Spirit be upon you as you guide,
lead, serve, and even comfort students. You have been called by God to be ambassadors for
Christ, living out God’s love in your daily work. As you educate God’s children of all ages
People – May you be filled with mercy and wisdom.
Leader – As you encounter challenging situations and challenging students,
People – May you love and serve as Christ, in the strength of the Spirit.
ALL – We will.

Blessing to Students

Leader – Students, may God surround you with blessings and protection as you carry these
backpacks for this new school year. As you carry notes, books, and assignments,
know that you also carry the love of Christ to see everyone around you as someone loved by God.
People – May you be filled with God’s grace.
Leader – As you grow in wisdom and knowledge
People – May you grow in compassion.
ALL – We will. AMEN

Blessing of School Supplies and Backpack 

O God, we are grateful for your created goodness. As we gather rulers, pens, crayons, notebooks, and backpacks, bless these tools to help us grow in faith and service to you and to others. Fill these backpacks with wisdom as they are filled with books, lunches, hopes, dreams, as well as the worries and brokenness we bring from home. May these gifts remind our students, parents, and even us that we love them because you first loved us. And Lord, thank you for the energy and passion of the educators here today.  Fill them with your Spirit that they might be wise in their preparation, strengthened in their difficult days, energized in their moments of success, and prayerful in their daily encounters with those with whom you have entrusted them.  Bless O God these students and these educators that they might grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen.