Written by Audrey Edewaard

my son’s delightful chortles and the
warm summer breeze wake me up
he rests his cheek against mine
as we greet the tomatoes
and marvel at the cucumber plants’ twisting vines
we smell fresh basil and
wiggle our feet in cool morning grass

God Who Delights, Too
live my life today

(at least) two cups of oat milk coffee
carry me through meetings and emails
to-do lists litter the desk and the
familiar headache settles in
i search for the right hymns and liturgies to
articulate the God of the Universe and again
i come up short

God Who Labors, Too
redeem my life today

my husband minces garlic and chops
this evening’s garden veggies while
the baby and i read about
abc’s and colors and numbers
after a splashy bath i sing and rock him to a sleep
that i hope will soon find me
my heart is full and my arms ache

God Who Slumbers, Too
rest in me tonight