Written by Aaron Belz from St Louis, Missouri

God be in my head — and in my understanding

When I wake and my mind slowly moves,
While I shower, dress, and tie my shoes,
When I go through my breakfast routine
And then commute or sit home to sign in—
God, be in my head and in my hands.
Please, God, inhabit this quotidian
Performance with your Spirit and Love.
May my work be brightened from above.

God be in my eyes — and in my looking

When I open my computer in the morning
And start to review the calendar of the day,
When the light of messages enters my eye,
While I read, consider, and start to reply—
God be in my eyes and in my multitasking.
Please, God, connect worlds of concern
Into one story of your Rule and Reign.
May my work align within your meaning.

God be in my mouth — and in my speaking

When it’s my turn to talk at work
Privately or in a group of three or four
Or in a meeting with the whole team,
Whether what I have to say is bad or good—
God be in my mouth translating words
From mine to yours, from fear to freedom,
From worldly worry to strength from above.
May my work be marked with words of love.

God be in my heart — and in my thinking

When I sit alone and ponder all my work,
Wondering whether what I do has worth,
When I consider where my life has led
Compared to where I thought it would—
God be in my heart, untangling its dark
Into brilliant rays of light, a prism of hope
That, though I don’t know why, He does.
May my work be full of divine purpose.

God be at my end — and in my departing

When work is done and time has come
To power down, clock out, head for home,
When evening skies unroll darkness above,
My mind races, full of problems to resolve—
God be in my end, quieting today’s trouble
And putting its promise in perspective,
Helping me to be less caught up, less stuck.
May my work end in holy reverence for You.