FROM seattle, wA

Leader: Lord, our to-do lists are long

People: And our time is short

Leader: The days are hard, and our years are few

People: Teach us to use our time well

Leader: We need your wisdom to prioritize our activities

People: And your priorities to gain wisdom

Leader: Satisfy our hungry souls with your abundant love

People: That we may find joy in our work and in our rest

Leader: Make your work evident to us

People: That we may join in it with all our hearts

Leader: Help us discern your work from our work

People: That we may entrust it to you

Leader: And so develop within us a rhythm of work and rest

People: As you modeled for us, Creator God

Leader: This Sabbath let the weary enter your rest

People: And prosper the work of our hands

All: O, prosper the work of our hands