Written by Michael Adams from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Heavenly Father,
You are not a stranger to turmoil;
You are not a stranger to pain;
You are not a stranger to suffering;
You are not a stranger to the emotions or experiences that we have here on this earth.

We thank you for sending Jesus–
for the gift of salvation and deliverance.
We thank you for Jesus coming to save our souls
Taking on the pains and the suffering of flesh for our sake

We are in awe that he was bruised, battered, blasphemed,
assaulted, and abused
all that we might have fellowship with the Father.
And access to your throne with both humility and boldness

You are not a stranger, and you know our every need.
And so we give your praise for your gifts
The Great Comforter to embrace us when pain is present.
The Comforter, who comes when grief is too much to overcome.
The Comforter, who gives us the peace that passes all understanding.

Thank you for your continued presence which reminds us
of your compassion, your love, your grace, and your mercy toward us.

Thank you for loving us.