Written by MICHAEL S. CHEN

To those involved in quiet, unseen labor: May there be

compassionate witnesses to come alongside you, and most of all may

you also know the power and protection of Christ in your costly and

honorable work. Here is a prayer that perhaps can put to words the

spiritual resources we have in Christ.

God of our love and labor,

You accepted the vocation of suffering.

You cried out for the cup to pass

And yet, you also dared to cry ‘nevertheless’

The honor of your humble work

Did not protect you from its humiliation

Defamed by mercurial rulers

Denied by inconstant friends

In this refining fire, our armor was forged and

Through your surrender, we receive the same surprising Spirit.

Grant to us healing, for yesterday.

Grant to us strength, today.

Grant to us tenderness, for tomorrow.

Grant to us yourself, forever.