Written by Joanna marsh
from washington, DC

Dear Lord,
Many days are beautiful.
Some days are wonderful.
There are days that are extremely difficult.

On those days, may I believe and rest in the truth that both I and my children are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I lament that unmet developmental milestones and visible traits may look like weaknesses to the world’s eye. Lord, these feel like heavy burdens that must be overcome

within our world, within our society, and sometimes within myself.

And yet, You created us in your image
gifting us uniquely and filling us with Your strength.
May I embrace the way that You created me
and may I also embrace the way You created my children.

Let us have faith that You will see us through our doubts and second guesses.

May we hold fast to Your ways and be full of courage, knowing that our success shouldn’t be measured by how well we blend with others but how we stand out because of Your love.

Slowly, slowly, your work is happening here. May it be so.  Amen.