Written by Hannah Barker Nickolay of Wayfolk Arts

God who ordered the universe,

We give you thanks for these
who you gift with
the skills to order our daily universes—
who make countless phone calls and write countless emails,
who organize schedules,
who receive orders,
who greet visitors,
who prepare spaces,
who create and maintain workflows,
who help keep our collective heads on straight—
for these beloved children of yours, we give you thanks.

Be with them in their work of administration.
Give them wisdom as they impact so many others.
Give them courage to trust themselves as they make difficult decisions.
Give them compassion in their multitudes of interactions—virtual and face-to-face.

May their hearts for those they serve be evident in all they do.
May their work be seen, known, and acknowledged.
May they know that theirs is a work of leadership.
May they never doubt their value.

In the name of Christ,