Written by Joanna Marsh

Father God, you know what I need. 
Ground me with peace when it looks like I have too many tasks to do in too little time. 
Help me to remember that Your time and Your wisdom are much more expansive and encompassing than my understanding and my perception of how the world should work. 

I often hone in on things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, 
sometimes feeling frantic, overwhelmed, and sad about those things that are far beyond my control. 

But You, Lord, hold me gently in my smallness. 

I can come to You with the tugs and pulls of my everyday life, and You let me rest delightfully in the knowledge that Your time is beginning and middle and end – existing simultaneously. How awesome You are! 

And so, let me set aside what You don’t want me to do,  
let me be a cheerful servant in doing those things to which you have called me. 
Give me faith that my actions, however small, bear fruit. 
Help me to see how serving faithfully – with goodness and excellence can be a balm to others. 
I rejoice that You have given me talents to spread Your love and peace to this weary world.