Written by Matt Timms
FROM Granite Springs, CA

O God Who Holds Us,
We hear your gentle calling and imagine instead a harsh boss demanding we clock in.
We set off on our own and work overtime like it can earn more of your grace.
Our thoughts and minds are stuffed with productivity and possibilities as if you want more from us than our hearts. 

O God Who Holds All Things,
Help us look to the birds. They earn nothing.
They flap and they eat. They scurry and twitter.
They don’t work, or achieve, or offer a return on investment.
But you care for them. You treasure them.  They bring you delight


O God Who Sets Us Free,
Help us understand that our work finds meaning through our stopping.
Remind us of our limits, break us of our coveting the infinite.
Set our feet on the ground, and our hands on the plow, and when the day ends, remind us that we are held.