Written by Katie Roelofs

God, today we thank you for nurses and techs that serve in schools of all levels. Some parents experience few interactions with them during the school year. Some parents have them on speed dial and rely on them daily.

Whether they are known or unknown to parents, they bring healing to young bodies and young minds each day. They bandage real wounds and pretend ones.  They hug arms that receive many at home and ones that don’t get enough. They listen to precious stories. They diagnose ailments and heartaches alike. They are always prepared. They know their students by name and give them safe spaces to be known.

We pray that they will have the energy to finish this school year well. Give them strength and patience. Give them wisdom and joy in their tasks. Heal them where healing is needed. Be a faithful presence when a listening companion is needed.  Bless the work of their hands, O God and use them as agents of healing and comfort in your world today.  Equip them in their calling and remind them how much their work matters to you.  We pray all these things in the name of Jesus the Healer.  Amen.