Written by Erin Pacheco
from Chicago, Illinois

God of seeds and seasons,
You are El Roi, the God who sees us.
Each day. Each moment.
We are known and held in your loving gaze.

And yet, we confess our preference for work that is seen by others.
Work that earns us praise and accolades.
Work that accomplishes things and completes things.
We confess our addiction to timelines, deadlines, and measurable success.
We confess that this is often how we determine our worth.

But you – you often work in what is slow and unseen.
You often do your best work in what is slow and unseen.
A tree, a field, a canyon, a child.

Teach us to value the small moments that together make a life.
Because you are there.
Working with us. Working through us.
Teach us to slow down with you and join in your work.

And teach us to honor—as you do—the quiet workers among us.
Those who often feel unseen.
Those who often feel less valuable.
May we affirm the goodness of all you do through all of your people—not just those in front.

For it is in the shadows, in the unseen,
in the basin and the towel
and the daily dying to self,
that we perhaps most resemble our Lord—
who gave himself up for our sake.

This is love. This is your best work.

And ours.