Written by Nicole Baart from Sioux Center, Iowa

For us all as we celebrate Labor Day and the beginning of a new season:

O God, Creator of Word and world and work,
We thank you for our minds, hearts, and hands.
May we use the gifts you have given us to be your ambassadors
In a lost and lonely world, to help and heal,
Create and cultivate, and fill the earth with good things.
All: Bless the work of our hands.

Be with the students going back to school.
As they learn all about your diverse creation,
May they also learn to love their neighbors as themselves.
Give them the courage to be kind.
Open their hearts and minds to all you would teach them.
All: Bless this season of learning and growing.

Be with those who stay at home.
In the quiet work of dish soap and diapers,
Cooking and cleaning, may they know the holiness of each task.
You are in the quiet days, the simple service
That is often overlooked.
All: Bless the sacred ordinary.

Be with all who are employed.
Thank you for the gift of gainful work,
A way to provide for themselves and their families.
May they find joy and meaning in their calling,
And use their efforts to edify this community and beyond.
All: Bless our service.   

O God, we lift unholy hands and
Ask for the grace of your redemptive touch.
Take our humble offering of work in every season
And use it to bring light and life to your world.
Make our every moment holy.
All: Bless this offering we pray. Amen.