Written by Kevin Adams from Granite Springs, California

Lord, teach us your seven-step dance.

Six days to move with creation love.

We plan and plant, wrestle and wring profit, labor and learn.

We sweat and savor, imagine and engineer,

We teach and are taught.

Six days we answer your call:

We strain and subdue. Care for the fragile. Explore the unknown.

We draw and design; we paint and shape.

We heal and mend, nurse and restore.

Sashaying to your Spirit, we work to give you joy.

We seek your pleasure and honor your plan.  Your Kingdom come.

And one day, we rest.

We care for the eternity you planted in our soul.

We turn from results to repose.

You mend our tattered selves and collect our time.

We sample eternal rest. We welcome the Sabbath Queen.

Lord, in our prickly world, fraught with idols and obsessions, prone to addiction and rivalry, reset our lives to your life-giving tango. Teach us to tap our toes to your mysterious salsa.  To follow the rhythm of your steps—work and rest, work and rest, work and rest.

May we echo join your eternal dance as Father, Son, and Spirit,