Written by Katie Ritsema-Roelofs

God, you know the way

Even when I cannot see it
Even when I don’t want to accept it
Even when I can’t bring myself to believe it

You know the way

As our company restructures, I am fearful about where I will land.
My work is important to me and I believe it is important to you. But will it be important to our organization?
How many jobs will be lost and how much instability will there be in our midst?
God, you know the way.

The patient I have tended for months is dying.
We have tried every solution to cure her body and lift her spirits, but it is time for her to go.
How can I walk faithfully with her and her family in these last days and offer them something of your love and peace even in their sorrow?
God, you know the way.

My fingers are raw from cuts from cardboard boxes.
I open box after box, placing items on shelves only to have them taken by hurried shoppers and driven consumers too busy to notice my careful work.
There is no upward mobility or hope of promotion and I find myself wondering if you, God care about this work too?
God, you know the way.

The deadline looms. I have asked for multiple extensions, promising it will get done after I present at this conference, after grades are submitted for the semester, after that scholarship dinner is done. There is mounting pressure to publish from my institution, my department, and from my own need to prove myself in my field. God am I good enough for them and am I good
enough for you?

God, you know the way.

God, you know the way

In our wins and our losses
In our deadlines and our drudgery
In our striving and in our peace

Teach us once again. For You know the way.