Written by David Lyon

I was inspired by Dr Matthew Kaemingk’s video and his teaching. In particular, his description of a ‘kaleidoscopic mission’ resonated as I have considered this imagery in the past as a beautiful description of how we all contribute to a much bigger picture in many unique ways. Using that as my main focus, I incorporated the blessing, transition and charge elements with a musical setting that is both positive and joyful. My hope is that this track is fresh, original and accessible.

‘We are, not metaphorically, but in very truth, a divine work of art.’ C.S. Lewis


May the God who scattered all the stars in heaven
Give us purpose as we share His blessèd grace
With the radiance that He has freely given
As He scatters us and sends us from this place

So that all may see His mercies
And all may know His love

With all the colors of the kingdom
All the riches of the King
We are part of a kaleidoscopic beauty
We are threads within His tapestry
Each precious and unique
We are woven to reveal the Father’s glory
With all the colors of the kingdom

May the One who led his children through the waters
Give us courage as we follow in His ways
With the certainty that He has gone before us
As He leads us now into the coming days

All the colors of the kingdom
We are joining in His story
We are chosen and commissioned
In His power we will go

Suggested Use

  • The beautiful imagery in this song lends itself well to themes of unity and celebration of diversity.
  • This would be a great theme song for a sermon series on the book of Ephesians.