Written by Hunter Lynch

As We Depart is a call and response song that is intended to center the Church on the Mission that is ahead of them as they leave the doors of the building where they worship. It is designed to be cut up if needed, shortened where appropriate, but still maintain an energy that allows it to stand on its own. Originally, this song was verse 1 repeated three times, but it expanded with time! Three focal points of the song include ministering to the poor and needy, working as unto the Lord, and fulfilling the call to be ministers of reconciliation here on earth. “Fill us”, “Turn our”, and “Use us” are phrases found in the verses that acknowledge our dependence on God to fulfill our calling in any capacity.


As we depart from this place we’ve gathered
Fill us with love for the poor and scattered
Let us be
Let us be
Let us be the arms of Christ

Lord, from our rest, let us rise with purpose
Come turn our work into acts of worship
Spirit, breathe
Spirit, breathe
Spirit, breathe on all we bring

In our response to the Word you’ve spoken
Use us to mend all that hate has broken
May we see
May we see
May we see Your kingdom come

Suggested Use

  • The call and response aspect of this song makes it accessible for all ages to sing together. Consider having your children/youth lead and the congregation respond. Or split your church into two and have them face one another as they sing this blessing back and forth to each other.
  • This song would be lovely acapella! It’s easy enough to sing without any instrumentation.
  • If you have liturgical dancers, this song would choreograph well. The bodily language lends itself well to movement either with dancing or simple motions.