Written by Joel Payne

People often casually talk about the church building as the ‘house of God’ as if it is the new temple. But in the New Testament it is within God’s people that the Spirit dwells. This song takes the idea of ‘holy ground‘ from Exodus and flips it to say that everywhere we go throughout our daily lives as Christians becomes de facto holy ground. When we leave the church building we don’t leave holy ground behind us, we take it with us. Maybe on Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon the refrain ‘holy ground‘ would buzz through our heads and we’d remember and we would live our lives of worship. The approach of cantor/congregation with unison singing and hands and feet making the rhythm is an attempt to make it feel participatory and retain the sense of being sent by someone.


Wherever your feet tread, that’ll be holy ground.
And wherever you rest your head, that’ll be holy ground.
For the people of God are the temple of God
and the place where the Spirit dwells,
so wherever those people stand:
that’ll be holy ground,
that’ll be holy ground.

In the marketplace and city square: holy ground.
In the class and the clinic God’s Spirit is there: holy ground.
On the factory floor and the office suite: holy ground.
In every little place that you put your feet.

In the airport lounge and the building site: holy ground.
when you’re looking for work you’re a shining light: holy ground.
in the park and the gym and the sandwich bar: holy ground.
It’s holy ground wherever you are.

Suggested Use

  • The call and response aspect of this song makes it accessible for all ages to sing together. Consider having your children/youth lead and the congregation respond.
  • This song is flexible enough that you could contextualize it to your church. If you’re a farming community, try incorporating agrarian language. If you’re urban, include more specificity around city work. Get creative and contextualize!