Written by Stephen Newhall

Israelites sang together as they made their way up towards the temple, but no songs were sung as they descended. Often our return from worship is also without song. The western church does a beautiful job of calling in, brining low, raising up, but we lack songs to sing as we go.

The idea for this song was birthed after a conversation this past summer at the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship when a member of the seminar asked “is there a biblical genre of Psalms of Descent?” Though that might not be an official biblical category, that one question was enough to inspire the creation of this song.

After we have celebrated our resurrected Christ as a collective, we scatter and we scatter: we disperse, yes, but we also spread the seeds of the gospel. To say it another way, it perhaps a needless and cheeky addition, in order to scatter we must first scatter.


You’ve gathered us to celebrate the resurrected Christ
Now as agents of your sacred grace your Gospel we apply

We ask that your kingdom would come
we ask your will would be done
May it be, in every place we go as it is above
Now as we go we are held by hope

We will sing as one this Psalm of Descent
Where we go our God is already present
So in each task and place may we be beacons of his favor and grace
For we share in the work of Christ
Sent as his salt and light
So we scatter with joy and a holy resolve
to the places we’re called.

Roots grown underground blossom in the sun
In our going would you complete in us the good work you’ve begun

You’ve fed and readied your people and now you’re sending us.
Though we go like sheep among the wolves we are not defenseless

Suggested Use

  • This would be a perfect song to introduce in a series on the Psalms! Pair it with a Psalm of ascent to start your service.
  • If you are not a church that celebrates weekly communion, consider dropping the 4th verse.
  • Have your congregation write their own Psalms of descent! Where is God sending them this week? What do they hope? What do they pray? What does God promise?