Written by Devin Pogue, Karin Simmons


This song was written at a WFW songwriting retreat and was specifically written as a Sending Song. The lyrics are pulled and adapted from the Kenyan Rite liturgy’s closing prayer. We wanted to have an upbeat song that sends the congregation back into the world to love and serve all those around them. The song doesn’t resolve at the end because the work isn’t over…


We have sat at your feet
We have learned from your Word
We have eaten from your table, Lord

Establish the work of our hands
Inspire the work of our minds
Amoint the work of our hearts
Send us out, send us out

In the name of the Father
For the glory of the Son
By the power of the Spirit
Send us out, send us out

Suggested Use

  • This classic sending song pairs well with Psalm 90:17.
  • It would work well in a service with Eucharist or commissioning/anointing.
  • Its simplicity lends itself well to varied instrumentation.
  • Highlight the beauty of the Trinitarian work that sends us and blesses us.