Written by Dan Becker



Verse 1
Grinding every single day
Never finding purpose in the pain
I don’t remember the last time my hands were clean

Wasted- what have I become?
Never tasted a drop of honest love
I don’t remember the last time my soul was seen

When I was a boy they told me
You had a plan for me to thrive
But I ain’t buying what they sold me
‘Cause all I’ve done is stay alive

Verse 2
Well if you heard this, if you’re really here
Could you turn this water into beer?
I don’t remember the last time my head was clear

The preacher man wants me to listen
I bet he can’t even change a tire
He’s telling me hell ain’t no picnic
I tell him, “Son, you’re preaching to the choir”

Refrain 2
I never wanted this existence
There was a time when I had dreams
But hopelessness ain’t good for business
Me and this town are wondering
How much longer, O Lord?