Written by Rebecca Beese and Andrew Finden


We have witnessed your great goodness, Lord.
We have heard what’s on your heart.
Now you’re sending us as salt and light, 
Father, for your glory we will go. 
Wherever you will lead us, we will go. 

You have shown no limit to your love,
by the scars your body bears. 
Now we’re called to lay our own life down.
Jesus in your mercy we will go.
Wherever you will lead us, we will go.

You have filled us with your living hope.
Let our faith and courage rise
as we share this call to follow you
Spirit, in your power we will go.
Wherever you will lead us, we will go.

Suggested Use

  • Highlight the Trinitarian nature of this song, reminding people that they are sent in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 
  • The simplicity of the melody line makes this song highly accessible to all ages. Include some basic hand motions for “We will go.”
  • Be sure to include God-active language in your words of blessing/charge. Yes! We go. But don’t forget that we go not in our own power and we do not go alone. We are sent by God and promised the presence of God. Therefore, “we will go!”