Written by Emily Scobee


The original tune is included in the score. This text is metered and could be sung to any corresponding tune that is familiar to your congregation.

Oh God, we need Your help now
Empower all work’s forms
We daily feel the fall’s curse
Remove all Adam’s thorns
Our labor, it delights You
You give us purpose here
To share the love of Jesus
Each day in our careers

We thank You for the victories
Promotions and success
We faithfully all labor
Trust You provide the rest
Forgive our hearts when greedy
Or when we wrong the poor
Our hands were made for blessing
For sharing what we store

So fill our hands with healing
To teach our students well
To learn and serve with passion
Create and build with skill
And when our work is finished
Our days on Earth all gone
We’ll stand before our Savior
And hear Him say, “Well done”.