Written by Hunter Lynch


Verse 1 Author of labor strengthen my hands. Grant perseverance through daylight’s demands. Fill me with fervor, fire in my bones. May my ways witness to all you have done.

Refrain (Optional)
This is my offering, this is my yield to heaven raised
You’ve given me today so with every breath I take, work be my praise

Verse 2 Lord in my wages, make me content. What have I earned that Your hand hasn’t sent? I see the lilies here and then gone. Surely my Father won’t leave me in want.

Verse 3 People will try me, You made them all. Help me remember, lest prideful I fall. Every word spoken, guided by grace make me Your vessel, O Father, today!

Verse 4 You will transfigure all we have done. When we behold Him, the radiant Son. Then we will see it; a harvest unmoved Under a sun where all things are made new.